Be A Homeowner With The Help of the Federal Home Loan Banks

Buying a house is an elusive dream, especially for the average earners. But this should be a thing of the past as these days home buyers who do not posses a huge account to purchase a new house can easily turn to a federal home loan mortgage corporation.

The said home loan is offered by a Federal Home Loan Bank. Prospective clients can apply for the loan in any of the 12 banks under the FHLBank System. The participating banks are mainly found in Topeka, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Seattle, Boston, Des Moines, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and Dallas.

All the participating banks are sponsored by the US government. They offer inexpensive, through their more than 8,000 member-lenders, mortgages that can ably support low-cost housing expenses and programs. The lenders involved in the Federal Home Loan Bank System consist of savings associations, loan agencies, cooperative, savings, and commercial banks, insurance companies, and credit unions. The said lenders are actively participating in providing financial assistance to housing activities.

The Federal Home Loan Bank System, which was developed in 1932, has three components: the 12 federal home loan banks, the Office of Finance, and the Federal Housing Finance Board. These components work together, through their wide scope and reliable connections, to provide inexpensive housing loans to less-privileged people and support activities for economic growth.

The Federal Home Loan Bank rate is, of course, lower when compared to the rate offered by traditional loan agencies. This makes the loans offered by the FHL banks as the more convenient loan for the average-earners.

The FHL Banks designed the Affordable Housing Program (AHP) to fund financial institutions. The funds are used as investments to housing initiatives made for people with low-income or lack the sufficient resources. They are also often used to cut closing costs and down payments to make loan application more affordable.

Under the AHP, the participating banks work together with various community organizations and developers to provide sufficient financing assistance for the construction, purchasing, or the rebuilding of rental housing or even the owner-occupied housing. The said FHL program receives funding assistance that amounts to 10% of the FHL Banks’, the system that is, annual net revenue.

Aside from the AHP, the Federal Home Loan Banks also founded the Community Investment Program (CIP). This program offers affordable loans to help banks finance housing and economic development-oriented projects for a longer period. The said projects, however, must benefit the average-earners or prospective house owners with low income.

The CIP program is actually created to promote economic development in the participating regions. It excels in its goal by providing and preserving jobs, while it supports economic growth by building functional infrastructures for the benefit of the deserving clients.

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